SOULS 2013 solts mill /UK


solts mill /UK
date 2013
size インスタレーション
technique 固める
material シルク


solts mill /UK
date 2013
size. Installation
technique. Harden
material. Silk

The material “silk” has the power to make everyone think it is beautiful, and has fascinated people since ancient times. When the material “silk” first appeared in the world, the manufacturing method and raw materials of the fascinating material “silk” that was carried along the Silk Road from China were not known, and as a mysterious material that can only be made in China for a long time. It was on the market in the world. At that time, the world had no way of knowing that this beautifully lustrous silk material was made from insects. The identity of this material is too vivid hornworm. That is, it is a “silk moth”. No matter how beautiful the thread is, dyed, woven, and made clothes, silk is definitely an insect, and that thread is the thread of life spun from the life of insects.