Rebirth ‐ 2015 chiba

「命から生まれた色 光に還る色 」

Rebirth – 2015 chiba
date 2015
size インスタレーション
technique 二重織・植物染色
material ウール・綿・麻・シルク




“The colors born from the lives, the colors returning to the lights”

Rebirth – 2015 chiba
date 2015
size: installation
technique: double weave・plant dyeing
material: wool・cotton・hemp・silk

I collected the branches, nuts of trees, grass that grows on the street, etc., that have fallen around our daily lives, then boiled them in hot water. And I tried soaking the same material as the garment we wear (cotton, linen, wool, silk) in it.
A moment later, a surprisingly beautiful colors have shown up from there.
Each color has its personality, and I felt as if the life of plants we could not perceive with the naked eye were reborn.

We humans use “color” to decorate ourselves by wearing “color”, and to express our social position. However I think that the existence of “color” had a different meaning for us humans before we have recognized that “color” is as “color”.

It is not only the visible world, such as the “color” that we know today (the world of colors classified by color name) but also the more mysterious existence that means it must have been the power of life itself of plants.
And wearing that “color” for them meant that to wear a mysterious power, it must be a prayer of people, and it can be a supplement to wear as well.