Earth to the dress

Earth to the dress
date 2008
size インスタレーション
technique オリジナルテクニック
material 楮、葛

「土から生まれた服 土に還る服 」



「The garment made from the soil      The garment which returns to the soil」

Earth to the dress
Kuwasawa Design School
date. 2008
size. Installation
technique. Original
material. Broussonetia、Kudzu

We are just one kind of living thing that is allowed to live by nature.
In the past, human beings lived by utilizing nature that existed in their daily life.Just as we had obtained food from nature, we had also produced clothing from the blessings of nature.Go deep into the fields and forest, collect plants, peel the bark of trees, and spin threads from fibers.The yarn, which was carefully twisted and made, was woven for oneself and their family over time to become cloth, and a garment.
Now, the living has been replaced by a cycle of mass production and mass consumption.Clothes, which have been closely related to daily life, have become to be consumed at a dizzying pace.
However, even if the cycle of clothes we wear now is faster, it is still true that the materials used to make clothes are almost the same as those used for a long time.It is something that we receive from nature both now and in the past (trees, grasses, threads spit out by insects, etc.), and no matter how advanced our civilization is, in the end, we live by getting everything that we need from nature as gifts.

Now, we must remember that we are a kind of living thing that is allowed to live by nature because this is the age when it is difficult to see the connection between us and nature.